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This is a bit spooky but we know what you’re looking for. We really do. And we’ve got it. So relax. You are looking for a safe, effective and affordable way to lighten or remove that tattoo.

Whether you are wanting a cover up or clear skin, whether its a butterfly or Beelzebub, wrong name or, a few years down the road, just the wrong image we can help. You might be improving your job prospects, cutting loose from the past or maybe bucking the trend for getting them on by getting yours off. Whatever the reason you’ve realised that luckily, tattoos don’t have to be for ever.



We talk to you, test you and treat you. Your assessment and treatment will be carried out by an appropriately trained doctor or nurse. We’ll check your medical history and medication (and know what you are talking about), warn you of any potential side effects and give you a clear pre and post treatment plan for your skin. We’ll be there if you think you  are having a problem post treatment.


Laser, as you probably already know, is the gold standard for tattoo removal. Don’t settle for or risk anything else. We use top class equipment supplied and maintained by a Manchester University backed UK company. We use 3 powerful Active Q switched lasers allowing very effective treatment of all treatable tattoo colours.
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Have your treatment with the right people and right equipment and you’ll get the best result and best value for money. Your initial assessment will help to indicate how much it’s likely to cost and the most cost effective way to pay for it. Small tattoo removal can cost less than £10 per week.



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